How To Pop The Question

Life is a never ending line of questioning. What’s for dinner? What do I wear today? But then, there’s THE question. THE question that teenage girls dream about being asked someday. THE question that makes a grown man lose the ability to speak. THE question that sets in motion two people planning a lifetime together. Four simple, yet extremely heartfelt words: Will you marry me?

How To Pop The Question

Maybe you are ready to ask THE question, but where do you even start? While each couple is unique and has their own story, here are a few ways to help you process the next few steps.


1) Think a little deeper about her personality.

Is she the social butterfly that goes out every night with her friends? Or does she prefer staying in and reading a good book? Is she extremely close with her family? These are factors to consider when planning a proposal that will land with maximum impact and meaning to the recipient.


The Social Butterfly is wanting an engagement that involves their friends and family. These engagements typically take some extra planning, but are a blast. It can be fun to let her closest friends be a part of the engagement. She will love that she can share this monumental moment with the people that have influenced her life so greatly. Keep her in suspense all day with sending a note and treating her and her friends to a spa day. You could even create an all-day-long scavenger hunt with her friends where she must follow the clues. Eventually, the clues will lead to you on one knee. Cue the butterflies!


The Sweet Introvert most likely will prefer an engagement that is just the two of you. She wants to soak in the special moments together and share it with others after the moment has passed. Your bride-to-be isn’t exactly shy, but relishes the moments where the two of you can simply be together. An elaborate plan is not necessary to keep her happy. Take her on a trip down memory lane, revisiting relationship milestones, while keeping away from the crowd. Remembering the little things will demonstrate how important she is to you. Open a bottle of wine or champagne together and enjoy staying in the engagement bubble for a little while longer.


The Family Girl thinks of an engagement as a family event. She would want her parents and your parents, along with any siblings or close family members to either be involved in the engagement or present at some point. Their level of involvement is up to you. They could be gathered in the background when the engagement is happening or you could surprise her by having her whole family back home. Pop champagne and celebrate with those who have been there for her since day one (literally).


2) Confirm your thoughts with her bestie.

While you may think you know what your girl wants, it’s likely she has talked to her BFF about more details of the special moment. She may have even specified what kind of ring she wants with her bestie. Your soon-to-be bride-to-be likely has thought and talked about this a lot more than you believe.


Make sure the friend can handle this big secret. Is she the kind of BFF that will run and tell her BFF all the details of the things you asked? Be sure to make a pact that she is not to tell any of the details. She will probably be so excited to be a part of the engagement planning that she will agree.


Things to ask her BFF: Ring size? Ring preference? Engagement style preference (if you are doubting yourself)? Are they willing to take photos?


3)   Purchase the ring.

Find a respectable jeweler where you can feel safe buying a piece of jewelry that is going to be on her finger for the rest of her life. Buying an engagement ring is one of the bigger life decisions you’ve made up to now. Be sure to do your research, ask questions, and know your budget. If you haven’t looked at ring styles as a couple, then her best friend may have some valuable input regarding the type of ring she would wants. You could check out her Pinterest account and see if she has hinted at all.


Once you have bought the ring, be sure to keep it in a safe, hidden spot where you will remember. (Pro tip: Make a note on your phone where you hid it. Even the most put-together people can forget this kind of thing!)


4)    Keep it special.

Some couples plan out when their engagement will happen, or at least the general time period. That’s okay, but try to at least save some of the details for a surprise. It can be as simple as being earlier in the day than she expected, or weeks earlier than you originally said. The shocked and giddy look on her face is sure to be worth the extra work to keep the element of surprise.


Add your own unique touch to the engagement by remembering details about her that no one else would know. There is such a romantic power about using an inside joke between just the two of you or going to a place that has special meaning to your relationship.


It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about what it is you are actually doing. You are about to ask the girl of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you. Wow! That is one of the most exciting things in life. Trust me, she isn’t going to notice if you propose with your right knee down instead of the left. Just breathe. Whenever the details and the planning engulf you, take a few minutes to remember why she is so important to you and how she is going to be the most beautiful bride… and most importantly, your bride.


Don’t forget to enjoy and savor the details of the moment! These are the touches that will make your proposal story so entertaining and worth telling over and over.


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